Gauge Block Calibrators

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GBC 180 : Gauge Block Measuring Systems


Microlap Gauge block comparators GBC 175 is a precision gauge block measuring systems designed with two electrical high resolution length indicators. Confirms to IS-2984 of 1981 and DIN-861 of 1988 as recommended in ISO 3650.


  • Our own make a Rigid cast-iron stand which is temperature stable
  • The Electro-pneumatic lifting of both top and bottom length gauges.
  • Gentle, precise and extremely smooth operation carriage fixture due to sideways, which are dirt & dust resistible.
  • Ergonomically operation with the help of gauge block holding fixture.
  • Movement of the gage blocks due to support consisting of tungsten carbide serrated base.
  • No zero setting required since the set value is automatically related to the nominal value of the respective reference gauge block.
  • Very effective protection from heat due to an acrylic glass screen.
  • Correction knob for variating measuring forces.
  • Easily adjustable vertical slide with the upper Pneumatic Electrical Probe.

Main Advantage

  • Better measurement capabilities at comparatively very lower investments.
  • High reliability.
  • Relatively low requirements for temperature regulation and temperature measurement. Differential measurement gives reliable measurements with extremely high accuracy.

A template profile allows the probes to trace 5 points to move the slip gauge smoothly without jerk and interference from body heat.

The instrument comes in Manual Version.

The system is useful in the calibration laboratories which are officially approved by the National Accreditation Board.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range

0.5 mm to 180 mm
Comprison Range 0.5 mm to 180 mm
Resolution 0.01 µm
Measurement uncertainty 0.04 µm
*under specified conditions
Active table surface 63 mm x 63 mm (Carbide base)
Repeatability + 0.01 µm
Dimensions (mm) 325(L) X 430 (H)X 180 (W)
Weight 40 kg Approx
DRO Mahr C1216